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Standard Grant Application

Types of Standard Grants 

Humanitarian Grants: Humanitarian Service Grants may be issued for permanent communal programs or institutes which satisfy humanitarian needs in harmony with the objectives of Lionism. 

Vocational Assistance Grants: 
Vocational Assistance Grants may be issued for programs meeting a broad range of educational and training programs which provide a means for people to become self-supporting or to improve upon their economic and social well- being. Funds shall not be granted to individuals for such purposes. Operational Grants: Operational Grants will provide supplemental funding for day to day operational needs of supported activities. These grants need 75% approval of the duly constituted Board of Trustees. 

Please note Not all of the grant regulations are listed in this brochure.  It is highly recommended that applicants work closely with their District Trustees to help insure a successful grant application. 

Grant Proposals 

  • Grant proposals may originate from any Foundation Trustee on behalf of any club or district in MD20. The proposal must certify the significance of the need, the social value and the operational feasibility of the project. 

  • Cabinet certification is required for all standard grants applications and is to be evidenced by the submission of the minutes of the cabinet meeting at which the application was certified. 

  • All standard grants require matching funds. 

  • The completed grant application must be received by the Foundation 30 days in advance of the next Foundation meeting. 

  • No more than one grant will be made per sub-district at any given trustees meeting. 

  • NYS&BLF grant funds are intended for projects in the development stages or for projects in progress. NYS&BLF grant funds are not intended to repay loans or establish reserve funds.

  • The grant application must be reviewed and signed by one (1) off the three (3) district NYS&BLF Trustees 

  • The grant recipient must close the grant by submitting a thorough report upon the completion of the project to the Secretary of the New York State and Bermuda Lions Foundation. 

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